Setting Rules:

Magical Focus: It is easier to specialize in one kind of magic then to branch out to many. If you choose Arcane Background: Magic you have to choose a Trapping to specialize in. You cant make Powers that use a different Trapping then this one.

Inventory Blocks: This is a new kind of Encumbrance system meant to be similar to Video Games. From now on you have a number of “Blocks” equal to your Strength Die. Each Block can hold one item up to 15 pounds, while 16-30 pounds takes two slots. Items small enough to fit in your Backpack do not take up slots, they simply reside in your Backpack.

New Edges:

Magical Study
Requirements: Arcane Background (Magic), Smarts d6
You have spent time learning new magic. When you choose this edge you may choose another Trapping your character has access to for spells.


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