The world of Lacus is a mystery. How it works in the grand cosmos and Myrhh we may never know. What we do know is that most of the planets native sapient life came from the ocean. The Axolotl, the Goople, the Nymph, and the Vestraadi all came from the oceans, while the Funglets grew from mushrooms hidden deep in a forest. The rest of the races emerged over time from the worlds many Dungeons.

The Dungeons make Lacus special in the Myrhh in that they connect to many other realities, realms, and dimensions. Untold wonders and horrors are to be found in the Dungeons, and as the Dungeons are constantly changing themselves one never knows what could wander out one day.

Many nations and kingdoms have grown on Lacus, most of which are luckily at peace with each other. There is the occasional scuffle however as people do not always see eye to eye but no-one wants an all out war.

Because of the influx of races from different worlds, magic has seen amazing strides in research. Wizard Towers are constantly devoting resources in the pursuit of more magic.

Rogues are people who explore the dungeons looking to clear them of dangerous elements and map them out. They are then paid by the local governing power based on how well they did and how much was mapped. You can usually keep what you find in the Dungeons, although donating them to your local government also comes with benefits.

Runners are people who arrive at the Dungeon and run through it right after a reset. Their goal is to map as much of the Dungeon as fast as possible. They then sell the map to others for a profit.


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